RCRA Compliance Bootcamp (3.5 Days)

RCRA Compliance Workshop course on the major RCRA regulatory issues and how to put the information learned into action at your facility.

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EPA Alliance
Waste Processing
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San Antonio, TX

This comprehensive RCRA Compliance Workshop course will bring you up to speed on the major RCRA regulatory issues and how to put the information you’ve learned into action at your facility.

The RCRA Compliance Workshop is designed for new and advanced environmental professionals and those that just need a good refresher.

From day 1 we will walk you through the requirements that apply at generation, accumulation, storage, transportation, and disposal. We will teach you compliance strategies and how to avoid costly mistakes while providing in-­-depth discussions and group exercises designed to guide you through RCRA interpretations, regulations and guidelines.

Throughout this course you will gain a working familiarity and understanding of hazardous waste accumulation, waste disposal, hazardous waste facility requirements violations that could occur at your facility. You will receive a copy of 40 CFR 260-­-265 and 40 CFR266-­-299 to use in the class and take back with you. You’ll learn how to navigate through these CFRS and how to apply the regulations to your facility. You will receive a comprehensive, indexed and well organized set of powerpoints from the presentation that address both the basic and advanced concerns you may have, with references to key preambles, RCRA Online guidance and other key EPA documents.

In addition, this seminar is a wonderful chance to meet and converse with other environmental professionals in your industry.

Bring your family and make a vacation out of it!


  • $995/Person
  • $895/2+persons - Group Discount
  • $895/Person - Government Discount

When and Where:

  • February 5-8, 2013 in San Antonio, TX