Sustainability Management

Master of Science in Management - Sustainability. Sustainable leadership: changing the world, one corporation at a time.

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College of New England
Degree : 
Master's Degree

Interested in changing the world? The Master of Science in Management - Sustainability - Online (MSS) program can help you become an agent of change through an examination of key concepts informing the triple-bottom line. This concentration focuses on important issues in sustainability and the global economy: renewable energy, natural resources, environmental law, and the roles and responsibilities corporations have in the communities where they do business.

Discover innovative approaches to understand, research, and provide solutions to complex sustainability challenges. Join one of the few pure sustainability programs online at New England College.

The MSS online program consists of nine courses for a total of 36-credit-hours. You can complete the program in less than two years. You will take two online, seven-week courses per semester, focusing on one course at a time. This course delivery method is specifically designed for working professionals like you to make the most efficient use of your time and to optimize your learning experience.

You can start the program six times per year in spring, summer, or fall