Solar Installation

Boots on the Roof creates and delivers training for leading manufacturers in the renewable energy industry – we've already created complete learning programs specifically for Siemens, Solyndra, SolarMagic, and Carlisle Energy Services.

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Boots On The Roof
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Fremont, CA

Our solar training programs will equip you with the technical expertise you need to successfully implement solar projects with absolute finesse.

Our world renowned solar courses attract students from across the nation and thousands of Boot's Alumni have rated our solar curriculum and solar team as superior to what is offered by other training providers in the Renewable Energy field.

Solar Training Program Options:

  • Solar PV Training Program

    Our flagship six-day solar boot-camp is optimized for General & Electrical Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and Business Professionals / Consultants new to the solar industry.

  • Solar Thermal Training Program

    Six-day Solar Thermal training class customized for Plumbers, HVAC's, Swimming Pool or General Contractors eager to acquire know-how on fundamentals of design, installation and sales of solar water heating systems.

  • Online PV Foundations Training Course

    In seven weeks, learn to design solar electric (photovoltaic) systems without leaving your home. While learning at your own pace, you can also get help from our Instructor and meet fellow students online. Upon successful completion, students will be awarded the Entry-Level Solar PV Associate Certification.

  • Solar PV Training for Sales Professionals

    This unique PV training "crash course" is focused on the ins & outs of Solar Sales Processes, and is intended for experienced Sales Professionals who are making a transition into solar from other industries.