TheGreenJobBank on MSN Money as one of the Top 10 Job Sites

About 3 weeks ago, traffic to TheGreenJobBank suddenly surged by about 10%. It took me a few days (due to data acquisition delays in Google Webmaster and Google Analytics) to discover that MSN Money had re-published an article from

Written by Wisebread's senior editor Meg Favreau, the article 25 Awesome Websites to Help You Get a Job was published in May 2012 on

In the first part of the article Meg lists her top 10 sites for Local and National Job Listings. TheGreenJobBank is #10 in the list after the usual big names Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired, Craigslist, and LinkUp as the top 6. The surprise comes for the last 4 that are more "niche" job sites with Idealist (for non-profit jobs) USAJObs (government jobs), HigherEdJobs (University jobs) and finally TheGreenJobBank under "eco-friendly" jobs.

It's a great feeling to be listed as part of the top 10 alongside big names like Monster and Careerbuilder (although I intend to eat their lunch eventually!).

Meg then goes on with a list of Freelance Marketplace sites, Work at Home sites, and finishes with social networking sites LinkedIn and Facebook.

Thanks Meg!!