TheGreenJobBank Ranked USA's #1 Green Jobs Website

I just finished a comparison of about 30 green job websites, and TheGreenJobBank comes up #1 in the USA, as ranked by Alexa.

We also have, by far --an order of magnitude higher, more green jobs than any other site. Compared to our 10,000, the closest behind us is with 650. In fact, we have more green jobs than the total of all green jobs posted on all these sites!

I just have a caveat: some of the green job boards in the comparison are a small part of a website with a much wider scope (#1 is, and Alexa doesn't give the details of subsets of these sites such as the job search pages. However, if we count all the traffic to these sites, TheGreenJobBank comes up at a very respectable #4 in the US, and #7 in the world.

I also looked at the Google pagerank of these sites, and there's absolutely no correlation whatsoever between traffic as reported by Alexa, and the Google pagerank. So I wonder what Google is doing... and this casts some serious doubts about Google's pagerank algorithm! You'll see the numbers below. Of course, that's if you trust Alexa's numbers.

One more thing before I show you the numbers: some of these sites want to appear a lot bigger than they really are, and get most of their jobs (sometimes 99%) from aggregators SimplyHired and Indeed. And I'm not kidding with 99%, --one of them has a handful of jobs posted on its site, and claims "thousands of green jobs"... from SimplyHired, if you dig a little. For more info on that, and the quality of these jobs, you can see my post SimplyHired's Number of Green Jobs is Simply Bogus.

And please don't get me wrong, I didn't do this comparison exercise to make fun or deride other sites. There are some that I actually really like. I did it just to prove 3 points:

  • Of course to promote TheGreenJobBank, and also:
  • The Green Job search web business is young and very fragmented, and that creates a problem for employes: where to post?
  • As in many other cases, in time there will be only 2 or 3 left, and I intend TheGreenJobBank to be one of them and retain its #1 position!

Now on to the numbers:

Site World
Country Rank Country Google
US Jobs comments
renewableenergyworld 29,812 12,460 US PR5 7 Main site rank
envirocruit 722,962 43,190 UK PR3 9 US jobs
sustainablebusiness 143,774 49,727 US PR6 270 Main site rank
environmentjobs 541,991 65,078 UK PR6 153 US jobs 251,891 80,893 IN PR5 250 US jobs
sustainableindustries 318,828 87,653 US PR5 25 Main site rank
TheGreenJobBank 376,967 104,531 US PR5 10,000 #1 in US
CleanTechies 223,294 114,518 US PR4 67 thousands of jobs... by SimplyHired 489,162 135,478 US PR5 81  
greatgreencarerrs 566,042 152,976 US PR6 198  
matternetwork 688,921 172,150 US PR6 39 660,804 214,128 US PR5 64  
energyplacement 942,457 214,522 US PR4 200 number of jobs is best guess
greenpages 534,692 227,689 US PR6 1 Main site rank 803,432 274,045 US PR6 250 964,617 286,175 US PR6 16 not responding today
ecoemploy 829,017 404,624 US PR6 35 1,643,654 482,424 US PR5 31  
greenindustryjobs 2,205,103 526,864 US PR3 680 great for landscape jobs
cleantechrecruits 959,300 no rank US PR6 522 1,709,396 no rank US PR5 16 Main site rank
greenjobsready 2,163,406 no rank US PR5 11 2,244,648 no rank US PR7 642 This is a great site!
smartgridcareers 2,743,228 no rank US PR5 21  
environmentaljobs 4,039,297 no rank US PR5 16  
greenjobsfree 5,918,862 no rank US PR2 145  
nassellajobs 12,994,715 no rank US PR2 0  
greenjobsauthority 18,773,309 no rank US PR3 40  
energyjobsites 23,047,741 no rank US PR4 3 thousands of jobs... by SimplyHired"

In conclusion, I would add that many of these green job sites have the same jobs, and TheGreenJobBank is very good at detecting that. We have a great algorithm to detect cross-job-postings. Just run this search (opens a new tab/window), and look at the "From" of these jobs.

If you want me to add a green jobs website to the list above, please login or register, and post a comment below. Or Send an email to info[at]thegreenjobbank[dot]com.