Simply Hired's Number of Green Job is Simply Bogus

In a recent article by Claire Moloney on, Claire quoted that Simply Hired's CEO said they have about 45,000 green jobs openings.

That's simply bogus, and here's why:

I've seen Simply Hired's job search on many specialized "Green job Boards" who usually have an average of less than 100 jobs of their own, and complement their jobs from a feed from Simply Hired or Indeed (usually in the 2,000 jobs range).

The problem with these listings is they are based on simple keyword searches like "sustainability" or "solar" and many companies has some sustainability effort going on, so it's in the job description, and appears in the results.... but the job is not a green job. Just go on, and do a search on "solar sales". You'll see by yourself.

Also some terms like "solar" are used in the IT/software industry (Solar is the name of a software product), so every software job involving the "solar" software product will appear in Simply Hired "Green" job search results.

Lastly, Simply Hired and Indeed do not detect duplicate postings, and since the same job can appear in many job boards they get a feed from, you can see the same job sometimes 5 or 6 times.

One more thing: the age of the jobs. Some jobs are well over 6 months old, dating from October or November of last year! Example: see the jobs results on, they have about 5 jobs of their own and a feed from SimplyHired of 372 solar jobs. Go to their "browse all jobs" page and then go through some of the results pages. You'll see jobs from October of last year. But since the job results are NOT sorted by date, they're hard to spot.

At TheGreenJobBank, we eliminate all jobs that are more than 60 days old, even if they still are on the employer website. We have a little over 11,000 of them, but we've found about 42,000 jobs since January 1.

I don't pretend that TheGreenJobBank has the true number of green jobs, we don't, but ours are much more true green jobs. We chose the sources we get the jobs from very selectively, including green employers and green job boards. The only 2 "general" job boards we use are JobCentral and CareerBuilder where we have very strict multi-keyword boolean searches. We also eliminate jobs that have certain keywords in their title, and we eliminate jobs from dozens of companies that we know appear in the results but don't have green jobs.

In addition, we have a very good algorithm to detect duplicates. When you do a green job search on TheGreenJobBank, all the sources where a job has been found are listed, and sometimes, it's 5 or 6 sources.

Lastly, there's a report from the Kauffman Foundation on Entrepreneurship that studied the green economy and concluded that there are about 41,000 green companies in the US. I have only about 2,200 in TheGreenJobBank with at least 1 job. So do the math, if only half of these green companies have only 1 job open, that's another 20,500 jobs.