Continued Increase in the Number of Green Jobs

Continued Increase in the Number of Green JobsThis week brings another week-to-week increase in the number of green jobs.

The Green Job Bank is pleased to report that this week's harvest of green jobs brought 2,523 additional jobs.

For the past 5 weeks, every week has seen a significant increase in the number of jobs indexed over the preceding week.

The total number of green jobs (less than 60 days old) today climbed to 10,888 searchable green jobs, 28 more than last week.

February has, as forecast, been the best month ever, with 11,587 jobs indexed, (the difference between the number of job postings available today, 10,888, and the number of jobs indexed in February, 11,587, comes from the jobs that have been removed from their source. In most cases, it means the jobs have been filled.)

A total of 708 green employers have added at least one job this past week, in almost every state. The top 15 US states were:

  • Californa, with 577 new jobs
  • Texas, with 176 jobs
  • New York, with 154 jobs
  • Massachusetts, with 127 jobs
  • Pennsylvania, with 101 jobs
  • Colorado, with 87 jobs
  • Virginia, with 87 jobs
  • Illinois, with 80 jobs
  • Washington, DC, with 66 jobs
  • New Jersey, with 66 jobs
  • Washington, with 62 jobs
  • Florida, with 61 jobs
  • Maryland, with 56 jobs
  • Oregon, with 51 jobs
  • North Carolina, with 45 jobs

It is noteworthy that the top 4 (CA, TX, NY and MA) are the same as those reported the first week of February, and that Pennsylvania appeared in the list for the first time, pushing South Carolina off the list. The other 10 are the same, almost in the same order

The top green employers creating jobs were:

  • ERM is again in our list of top employers, with another 75 jobs added this week. The environmental and construction company is hiring many Environmental Impact Assessment consultants, Sustainability Consultants, and Air Quality specialists.
  • Tesla Motors has all sorts of open position in engineering, Information Technology, and administration.
  • Solar City is also again in our top list, with Solar PV designer and Solar PV installer position. Solar City has a total on 98 open positions in our database.
  • And, yes! General Motors, hiring engineers and technicians for its Volt and Battery units.

Other companies include Ecova, a specialist in energy and water efficiency programs, Ameresco, a provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy production services that went public in 2010, Nextera Energy Resources, an energy producer that claims that 95% of it power generation comes from clean or renewable fuels, and Kema, a smart gris company hiring Energy Efficiency Engineers.