28,000 Green Jobs Indexed since January 1, 2012

Today's blog sounds like a broken record... we've been saying the same thing for many weeks... we've broken our record!  We indexed 2,844 new green jobs this week.

2012 will be a record year for green jobs. And it's an easy prediction... we've already indexed 28,000 since the beginning of the year, compared to 63,000 for the whole of last year. So in less than 3 months this year, we're reached 40% of last year's catch.

Yes, 28,000 green jobs indexed since the beginning of the year! Of these, 10,595 are still open and searchable and less than 60 days old. Many are still showing on employers' websites and job boards, but TheGreenJobBank's policy is to disable them after 60 days. Maybe we shouldn't...? Maybe, but we don't want to overstate the real numbers, and having jobs stay active 90 days seems a bit of a stretch.

17,400 of the 28,000 have been "disabled", and this means that a majority of them have been filled, some are still active, and some have been cancelled by the green employers. It's difficult to know, and only a survey might allow us to determine that with some degree precision (usually a 5% margin error).

My educated guess is that 80% have been filled, 10% are still active even after 60 days, and 10% have been cancelled.

This number could even higher, if only the government and educational institutions got their act together. The biggest impediment to a faster green economy growth is the lack of an educated and qualified workforce. A recent report stated that California, by far the largest green jobs market, could grow its solar jobs 72% by 2015 if educational institution provided the needed educated workforce.

Disclaimer: TheGreenJobBank does not pretend to accurately measure the actual number of green jobs produced by the green economy. We only report on our own activity. We know of only a small slice of the real numbers, with many jobs not being advertised. We indexed the jobs of about 2,100 companies. A recent Kauffman Foundation report states that there are over 41,000 "green" companies in the US.

Green arrow image by Visual Pharm.