FAQ #1: Job Board vs. Job Search Engine

FAQ #1:

What is TheGreenJobBank? A job board? No... TheGreenJobBank is not a job board. It's a search engine that indexes web pages, very much like a Google or Yahoo!. The only difference is that TheGreenJobBank indexes only web pages that contain green job postings.

Not being a job board means three important things:

  • TheGreenJobBank only stores the link to the original green job posting, and a few more data items such as the title, company, location and date posted.
  • The actual detailed green job posting does not resides on TheGreenJobBank website, but resides on the web site where the job is posted: the employer website, or a job board. When you click on a search result link, your browser is redirected to the original job posting without any modifications.
  • Of all the green job boards, TheGreenJobBank has the largest number of true green jobs. A number of green job boards obtain their job listings from job aggregators (e.g. Indeed or SimplyHired), but a lot of these jobs are not true green jobs. Their description contains keywords such as "wind" or "solar" or "environment", which does not necessarily mean that they're green jobs.