Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF)

Alexandria, VA
Water Treatment

The source for objective water science

The Water Environment Research Foundation, formed in 1989, is America’s leading independent scientific research organization dedicated to wastewater and stormwater issues. Over the past 20 years we have produced 300 research reports, valued at over $62 million.

What makes WERF research stand out within the water quality community? In a word: results.

  • Results that provide value to our subscribers
  • Results that transmit reliable information as quickly as possible – without cutting scientific corners
  • Results that spur the next generation of science and technology

We are a nonprofit organization that operates with funding from subscribers and the federal government. Our subscribers include wastewater treatment plants, stormwater utilities, and regulatory agencies. Industry, equipment companies, engineers and environmental consultants also lend their support and expertise as subscribers.

WERF takes a progressive approach to research, stressing collaboration among teams of subscribers, environmental professionals, scientists, and staff. All research is peer reviewed by leading experts.

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