Walama Restoration Project (WRP)

Eugene, OR

The Walama Restoration Project (WRP) is a community organized non-profit, founded in 2001, and dedicated to the enhancement, rehabilitation, and restoration of the waterways, forest, and grassland ecosystems within and adjacent to the Willamette Valley. In addition to ecosystem restoration, WRP facilitates environmental education and the fostering of connections between people and the bioregion in which they live.

WRP’s functions are two-fold: 1) To promote the conservation and protection of our natural resources and biological diversity by maintaining and restoring threatened ecosystems in critical watersheds. 2) To implement experiential programs that address local ecosystem awareness and habitat rehabilitation for local youth and community members.

We have cleared over 30 acres of English Ivy and Armenian blackberry throughout city parks and have facilitated oak savanna restoration with the Nature Conservancy in the foothills of the Western Cascades. In addition to our work as restoration contractors, WRP has collaborated with the City of Eugene, the City of Eugene Stream Team Program, and two school districts on habitat-specific school projects including riparian restoration along the Willamette River, seed collection projects in upland and wetland habitats, and Oregon oak education in Lane County. We also collaborate with other non-profits and local watershed groups such as Friends of Hendricks Park and the McKenzie Watershed Council to facilitate programs ranging from seed collection and propagation workshops; to riparian enhancement along salmon-spawning creeks; to established in-the-field educational curriculums for two school districts.

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