V3Solar produces “the most efficient energy under the sun.” Closer to an electric generator than a flat, static solar panel, the V3 Solar Spin Cell lowers the total cost of ownership while increasing the “energy density”

Los Angeles, CA
Privately Held Company

V3solar is a USA company with its Head Office in Los Angeles, California and its R & D laboratory in Ashland, Oregon. V3solar has invented, and is now in the process of commercializing, the first major technology change the solar industry has witnessed in over 30 years – the V3 Spin Cell.

Using specialized lensing and a rotating, conical shape, the Spin Cell is expected to generate a net improvement of up to 5X more electricity from a given amount of land versus conventional static methods. This innovation is also expected to increase the Power Density and lower the Total Cost of Ownership.

The Spin Cell is currently undergoing refinement and cost analysis at a Californian based industrial design house as a precursor to going into production. The Company is also engaged in negotiations with potential licensees in both the United States and abroad for high volume manufacturing of the Spin Cell.

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