US Geothermal, Inc.

We work to responsibly develop geothermal energy resources for electrical power and direct uses.

Boise, ID

We work to responsibly develop geothermal energy resources for electrical power and direct uses. We strive to create enhanced value for our stakeholders while addressing America's domestic energy needs and promoting a clean environment.

The Raft River geothermal project is located in southern Idaho, approximately 200 miles SE of Boise, at the site of a former U.S. Department of Energy geothermal installation. The Company currently owns and/or leases approximately 8.2 square miles of land with a proven geothermal reservoir which may be capable of producing up to 110 megawatts of power based on estimates from GeothermEx Inc.

US Geothermal acquired the project in 2002 and have a 20 year contract with the Idaho Power company to sell 10 megawatts of electricity from the Raft River Unit 1 power plant. The Raft River Unit 1 began commercial operations in January 2008.

The Neal Hot Springs project currently consists of 9.6 square miles of geothermal energy and surface rights leased by U.S. Geothermal Inc. The property is located in eastern Oregon; approximately 90 miles northwest of Boise. Chevron Minerals drilled at the site in the late 1970s and made a discovery of a commercial geothermal resource at a depth of 2,820 feet. A Chevron drill hole encountered high temperature and massive lost circulation of drill fluids within the geothermal zone, which indicates the potential for prolific production.

An independent consulting firm analyzed geothermal fluid from Neal Hot Springs and the resulting cation geothermometer indicates a likely reservoir temperature of 311ºF to 320ºF, with an estimated distal source temperature of 347ºF to 356ºF. A geophysical program using gravity and magnetic surveys was completed in February 2007 and will be used to develop drill targets. U.S. Geothermal is planning a production well drilling program to determine the commercial viability of the geothermal resource. The current development plan anticipates 26MW of power production.

The San Emidio geothermal project, purchased by U.S. Geothermal Inc. in April of 2008, has an operating binary power plant with 3.6 MW net capacity. It is located in northern Washoe County, Nevada just south of the town of Gerlach, and is approximately 100 miles north of Reno. The project is comprised of approximately 22,944 acres of private and BLM administered land that contains a proven geothermal reservoir that is estimated to be capable of producing up to 44 megawatts of power at a 90% probability, based on an independent estimate from Black Mountain Technology.

The power plant was constructed in 1986 with commercial power generation beginning in 1987. Deeper wells with higher temperatures were drilled in 1994 to supply the plant after output declined due to cooling of the original, shallow production wells. . The current configuration of the plant consists of four 1.2 MW Ormat Energy Converters, three injection wells and four production wells. A three cell cooling tower was added in 1998 to improve summer power generation. Sierra Pacific Power Company purchases the power under the terms of a power purchase agreement that continues to 2017. The plant is connected to the transmission grid via a 60 kilovolt intertie.

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