Tula Technology

A new approach to engine management.

Santa Clara, CA
VC-Funded Company

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Electric Vehicles: Huge Potential for Venture Capital and Green Jobs. Dec 6, 2012.

Our solution is born from the integration of concepts from the diverse fields of sophisticated signal processing technology and advanced engine thermodynamics. Automobiles and trucks were historically designed for peak performance—that occasional need drivers have for maximum power and torque.

But this “over-design” for peak performance meant that most of the time during normal driving, engines were “under-designed” for efficiency. Drivers got the performance they sometimes needed but paid the price with poor efficiency most of the time they drove.
Tula is applying digital signal processing technology in a novel way to give drivers the power they need, on demand, when they need it, but with the ultimate in efficiency when high power isn’t required. No compromise on either. Just an optimal solution to a vexing historical problem.

We achieve these benefits by tightly integrating sophisticated signal processing electronics with advanced engine control mechanisms for internal combustion engines. To date, we have been granted two comprehensive patents for our novel approach to engine management, and many more patent applications have been filed on a global basis.

Tula is a Khosla Ventures cleantech portfolio company, and a Sequoia Capital portfolio company.

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