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Think Resources, Inc.
The technical professionals to hire before you hire technical professionals.

At Think Resources, Inc., we put all our resources to work for you!
>> 1,500,000+ Candidates
>> 14,000+ Placements
>> 1,000+ Companies
>> 500+ Employees
>> 100+ Recruiters
>> 50 Million + in Revenues
>> 20+ Office Staff
>> 70+ Account Managers.
>> 18+ Years Experience
>> 1 Goal: Service

We’ve got technical personnel placement down to a science! In 1988, we saw an opportunity. It began with the idea that computer technology could be harnessed to help companies solve their personnel problems faster and with greater accuracy.

Since Think Resources opened its doors, we have made more than 14,000 placements in some of the world’s largest companies. Our completely automated, paperless system allows candidates to apply for jobs electronically, at any time . . . 24/7. Our proprietary software allows us to track candidates and manage large volumes of job orders, calls, and resumes.

Our in-office operation utilizes more than 100 recruiters, more than 70 account managers, and nearly 20 support managers and personnel. Most of our staff have technical backgrounds themselves. In fact, we’ve hired most of our staff by utilizing our own services!

Your Need--
Somewhere out there is the missing piece of your human resource puzzle. Someone with the right skills. The right qualifications. The right level of experience. Someone out there wants to work for you. But in today’s fast moving job market, the right person may be harder to find than you ever imagined. There’s got to be a better way.

Our Solution--
Since 1988, Think Resources, Inc. has been amassing a huge database of professionals. Technical professionals. Professionals who will fit a need that you might have someday. Think Resources has engineered a system that is extremely fast and accurate and goes far beyond the hit-and-miss methods of traditional personnel searches.

We collect thousands of resumes a day via our website (, e-mail, and by utilizing Internet robots. We categorize professionals by profession, education, certification, GPA, licensing, years of experience, pay rate, location, testing scores, availability, and special skills. We qualify candidates with an extensive recruiting staff which works making thousands of calls a day to keep all this information continuously up-to-date.

Then, when you have an opening, we are able to give you an almost instantaneous snapshot of the most qualified technical professionals to fill your need who either are available now, or are about to become available.

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