Sad news, THINK went bankrupt in Feb. 2012, firing the 400 workers it said it would hire to ramp-up production.

Elkhart, IN

News and Stories: THINK to Ramp-up EV Production in Indiana and Create 400 Green Jobs. December 17, 2010.

Don’t just drive – THINK! As one of the most carbon efficient car companies in the world, our vision is to offer a better way of travelling – carbon-free and carefree.

Green Means Go

We want to change the way people think about cars. Who said we had to stop moving to save the planet? Whoever said helping the environment was all about standing still? The ultra-low carbon movement may only now be kicking into gear, but THINK is a pioneer in the field. We have been designing and building full battery electric vehicles (EVs) since the early 1990s. That’s 30 million km of pure, local-emissions-free motoring so far.

Changing the World, One Car at a Time

Now it’s time to think in a new way – but we want to make it easy to change. THINK combines new technology and Scandinavian styling to give you practical and modern electric cars. Our latest generation THINK City is the world’s first EV to be granted pan-European approval – after a tough series of tests and validation. Smoother and more fun to drive in busy urban environments than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, it offers clean, safe, carefree mobility.

The THINK City is the market leader for range and driveability, reaching speeds of 110km/h and covering up to 160km on a single charge from a regular household socket. It costs only two cents per mile to operate, it’s three times as energy efficient as regular cars and there’s virtually no maintenance – the first scheduled appointment is at 20,000 km to change the pollen filter. Best of all, there is no exhaust, and it is on sale now...

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