TAS Energy

Where the knowledge of Power Generation, Refrigeration and Packaging meet to form economic, clean energy solutions for customers around the world.

Houston, TX
VC-Funded Company
Clean Products

Historically, the worlds of power generation, refrigeration, and packaging were never closely linked – until now. That's the true innovation at TAS Energy - the patented combination of the principles of refrigeration, power generation and packaging. Principles when brought together yield the invention of new technologies, revolutionize old processes, and trail blaze new markets. We design and manufacture the world's most efficient and advanced economic, clean energy solutions for a variety of industries in markets around the world.

At TAS Energy, we're passionate about creating efficiencies and eliminating waste. Our comprehensive systems are the result of having invested hundreds of thousands of engineering hours in modeling and analyzing component interactions, resulting in some of the most efficiently optimized products on the market today. Once we find the right solution, we streamline our supply chain, standardize the design and squeeze every ounce of productivity out of our process. It's that same passion for product “optimization” that results in superior technical and financial performance. You should expect your system to not only operate; but to also provide you substantial life-cycle cost savings.

TAS Energy is a Kleiner-Perkins portfolio company.

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