SustainX compressed air energy storage (CAES) technology combines the low cost of compressed-air energy storage with the long lifetime and high efficiency of hydraulic systems.

Lebanon, NJ
VC-Funded Company
Energy Storage

SustainX is an energy storage technology developer whose solution is cost effective, low maintenance, non-toxic, and highly efficient. The technology is being developed to provide a solution for enhancing the value of renewable energy, commercial and industrial energy management, and transmission asset utilization and optimization. SustainX was founded in 2007 by engineers at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. SustainX has received four US patents to date on core aspects of its technology, solidifying its leading IP position in the field of compressed-air energy storage. The issued patents cover a wide range of isothermal systems, including both existing SustainX systems and those in development.

The company's transformative energy storage technology, which it terms ICAES™ (for Isothermal Compressed-Air Energy Storage), uses no fuel. SustainX's competitive advantages stem from its patented proprietary thermodynamic and hydraulic control innovations, a design centered on mature industrial components, and reliance on ambient-temperature, nontoxic working fluids.

SustainX ICAES is targeting the emerging market for bulk (grid-scale) energy storage being created by the growth in renewable generation, and aims to disrupt costly "peaker" plants that burn natural gas or other polluting fuels.

SustainX is a General Catalyst portfolio company.

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