Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF)

Allentown, PA

Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF ) was established in 1999 as part of a settlement approved by the PA Public Utility Commission. It is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy education initiatives in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with a focus on Eastern and Central PA. SEF strategically invests capital into building projects that seek to adopt energy-efficient technology and utilize renewable energy practices.

To develop and invest in economically viable, energy-related businesses, projects and educational initiatives to create innovative, market-based technologies and solutions for environmentally sound and sustainable energy usage.

What We Do
For projects that fit our mission, SEF provides financial assistance and attractive funding options including:

* Commercial loans
* Business partnerships

Ideal projects emphasize:

* Renewable energy sources – solar, anaerobic digestion/biomass, wind
* Clean energy technologies – fuel cells, low-impact hydropower, biofuels/ethanol
* Energy conservation and efficiency – LED and PV lighting technology
* Energy education – broad educational initiatives of significant impact

Sustainable Energy Fund has been successful in implementing numerous clean, renewable and energy-efficient projects in communities throughout Pennsylvania.

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