SunBorne Energy

At SunBorne Energy, our mission is to make solar energy grid-parity by 2015.

Cambridge, MA
VC-Funded Company

At SunBorne Energy we believe solar energy is not just another alternate source of energy but the only long term solution to the world’s energy crisis and global warming situation. By generating solar energy we will not only be addressing the energy crisis, we will also not be releasing pollutants that contribute to global warming. Unlike thermal energy, solar energy generation is completely environment friendly.

SunBorne Energy is working towards making low cost, utility scale solar energy a reality in India – a country that has the ideal environment to capture sunlight and generate enough solar energy to meet all its needs.

To maximise India’s potential, and make utility scale solar energy possible in the near future, SunBorne Energy has brought into its fold internationally acclaimed experts in solar power generation and a host of other technologists and scientists who specialise in this area.

SunBorne Energy is backed by General Catalyst Partners and Khosla Ventures and a General Catalyst portfolio company.

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