Sun Nanosystems

Sun Nanosystems develops solar nanoparticle technologies.

Sacramento, CA

Sun Nanosystems is a solar energy corporation headquartered in Sacramento, California. We serve customers nationwide. The goal of our company, founded in 2008, is to make inroads in alternative energy markets by combining new solar energy technologies with more innovative sales and marketing practices. Our chief technology focus is the development of solar nanoparticle technologies. Our research and development suggests that a film coating of solar nanoparticles can increase the efficiency of standard PV solar panels by 60%. We believe this focus will lead to some of the most efficient and inexpensive solar panels on the market. It is important to us to make our innovations available to homes throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia so that families can begin saving money on electricity while the worldwide use of fossil fuels is reduced.

Our Corporate emphasis includes:

* Research and development of solar nanoparticle technologies
* The sale of enhanced solar panels to residential and business customers
* Unique pricing and purchase options
* Retrofitting existing solar energy power plants

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