SolarBee is a world leader in improving reservoir water quality. SolarBee is one of the GoingGreen 2009 top 100 private companies.

Dickinson, ND
Water Treatment

SolarBee, Inc., is a world leader in improving reservoir water quality. SolarBee has pioneered the patented near-laminar radial flow technology that provides high-flow, long-distance circulation (LDC) in water reservoirs. Today SolarBee is using LDC to solve water quality problems in fresh water lakes and reservoirs, potable water tanks and reservoirs, wastewater ponds and lagoons, and estuarine environments in over 14 countries around the globe – providing significant energy savings while relying on solar power and reducing the need for toxic chemicals. SolarBee is truly "Circulating the World's Water."

Each solar-powered SolarBee unit can displace the mixing energy of about 30 horsepower of conventional grid-connected mixing equipment in wastewater treatment ponds, and can displace high horsepower aeration/mixing equipment in freshwater reservoirs and other water bodies. The energy savings from each unit is the equivalent to about 220,000 kW hrs per year, or the annual energy requirements for about 20 homes or 25 passenger cars, thereby reducing equivalent carbon dioxide emissions (the leading Greenhouse Gas, GHG) by about 150 tons per year.

The high efficiency and completeness of SolarBee circulation can reduce up to 80% of the chemical requirements in potable water systems. In freshwater lakes and reservoirs, chemical savings include reducing or eliminating the need for algaecides and herbicides, as well as phosphorus-binding compounds such as alum. Municipal raw water storage reservoirs can benefit from greatly reduced powdered activated carbon (PAC) requirements. Reducing chemical usage benefits both the environment and economics.

The SolarBee represents the most innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology on Earth for providing beneficial, long-distance water circulation™. Throughout the world, SolarBees are providing quality water, naturally.

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