SmartSynch was acquired by Itron.

Jakson, MS
VC-Funded Company
Smart Grid

SmartSynch is a Smart Grid Infrastructure Company enabling utilities to communicate with any device on the grid. The company's clean-tech innovations in the two-way delivery of real-time energy usage data over public wireless networks (AT&T, Rogers, T-Mobile, etc.), in lieu of private network build-outs, have simplified SmartMeter deployments for over 100 major North American electric utilities.

A smart grid infrastructure is the sum of services, devices and software necessary to add a layer of intelligence onto today’s 20th-century electricity grid such that every point on that grid can talk to every other point and decisions are made either by devices or human beings to fully optimize the process by which electricity is generated and delivered to customers.

A smart grid infrastructure can spot and stop energy “leaks,” optimize efficiency through better power factors and provide feedback loops that provide the right price signals to normalize energy loads during peak use. According to the Pacific Northwest Laboratory in partnership with the Department of Energy, the total potential benefit of implementing smart grid technologies over the next 20 years is conservatively estimated to have a present value of $75 billion.

SmartSynch was funded by Batelle Ventures, ITC Holding Company, The Tremont Group, and CFIG Credit Suisse.

SmartSynch is one of the GoingGreen 2009 top 100 private companies.

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