Semprius uses patented cell technology and novel manufacturing processes to produce high-efficiency, low-cost high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) solar modules.

Durham, NC
VC-Funded Company

Semprius is developing low cost, high performance concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules to make solar power generation economically viable in sunny, dry climates. The company's unique micro-transfer printing technology enables CPV modules with high performance, high reliability and low cost with scalability to high-volume production.

Semprius is also licensing its micro-transfer printing technology for non-solar applications to enable a wide variety of new products requiring large-area, thin, lightweight form factors, unprecedented performance, high reliability and low cost. Applications include flat-panel displays, flexible electronics, large-area sensors, RF devices and other applications requiring heterogeneous integration of high-performance semiconductors.

Semprius has received funding from Siemens Venture Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Applied Ventures, Illinois VENTURES, Intersouth Partners, In-Q-Tel and GVC Investment.

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