Sakti3 is developing an advanced solid-state rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology for automotive applications.

Ann Arbor, MI
VC-Funded Company
Energy Storage

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Electric Vehicles: Huge Potential for Venture Capital and Green Jobs. Dec 6, 2012.

Cutting the size of a battery system in half could cut its cost by as much as half, too. Since the battery system is the most expensive part of an electric car (often costing as much as $10,000), that would make electric cars far cheaper. Alternatively, manufacturers could keep the price constant and double the 100-mile range typical of electric cars.

Sakti3's solid-state batteries are still based on lithium-ion technology, but they replace the liquid electrolyte with a thin layer of material that's not flammable. Solid-state batteries are also resilient: some prototypes demonstrated by other groups can survive thousands of charge-discharge cycles. And they can withstand high temperatures, which will make it possible to use materials that can double or triple a battery's energy density (the amount of energy stored in a given volume) but that are too dangerous or unreliable for use in a conventional lithium-ion battery.

Sakti3 is a Khosla Ventures portfolio company. It also received an undisclosed amount from GM Ventures, the venture capital arm of General Motors.

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