Premium Power

Premium Power manufactures the world’s lowest cost, grid scalable flow batteries based on the company’s proprietary advanced energy storage technology.

North Reading, MA
Energy Storage

Founded in 2002, Premium Power Corporation manufactures the world’s lowest cost, grid scalable flow batteries based on the company’s proprietary Zinc-Flow® advanced energy storage technology. Our products are lower in cost than lead acid batteries up front and roughly equivalent to pumped hydro, at under 2 cents/kWh, on a long-term basis. Our Company is headquartered in North Reading, Massachusetts, USA.

Our products offer a number of compelling advantages over alternative energy storage technologies. Primary benefits include:

* Lower initial cost and total cost of ownership;
* Longer operable life with an unlimited number of cycles;
* Fully integrated systems that can be trailer mounted to reduce installation and relocation time and cost;
* Greater energy density; and
* A wide degree of packaging flexibility.

Commercial applications include:

* Utility infrastructure. Reserve power for electric utility facilities that provide transmission and distribution of electricity, providing benefits associated with:
o Asset deferral;
o Peak demand management;
o Voltage support of long radial circuits;
o Energy arbitrage; and
o Ancillary services.
* Bulk energy storage for renewable energy generation assets including wind and solar, to provide:
o Firming;
o Smoothing;
o Time shifting; and
o A reduction in curtailment events.
* Peak-shaving (load shifting) to reduce end-users’ electricity costs by lowering peak demand and time-of-use energy charges.
* Electric power back-up of mission-critical equipment in locations such as wireless cell sites, POPs, central offices, cable communications head-ends, data centers, and utility substations.

All of Premium Power’s products are fully compliant with - and have been certified to - nationally recognized standards, are non-toxic and 100% disposable or recyclable.

Premium Power received venture capital funding from VantagePoint Capital Partners.

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