Powerit Solutions

Powerit Solutions' Spara energy management system is an integrated hardware/software product that acts automatically to increase energy efficiency, and cut peak-rate usage.

Seattle, WA
VC-Funded Company
Smart Grid

Founded in Sweden, a country with a long tradition of innovative energy management and conservation, we remain committed to helping our clients do well by doing good. Rising energy costs, competition, and a fluctuating economy are all realities that companies must manage while at the same time acting in an environmentally conscious manner. We help our clients balance social responsibility with the needs and expectations of today’s business, namely protecting process, people, and profitability.

We do this through an evolutionary approach to energy management. Building on the technology that is implemented in such world-leading green regions as Malmö’s Western Harbor and California’s Central Valley, we continue to adapt and modify our products not only to better meet the changing needs of the industries we serve, but also to take advantage of emerging smart grid programs and applications.

It’s been said there isn’t a smart grid currently, only a smarter grid. Energy consumption, monitoring, billing, communications standards – they will all change as the grid does. Powerit Solutions plugs companies into that ever-smarter grid with practical, usable applications that deliver real results – today and tomorrow.

Powerit Solutions has won numerous awards for delivering on this vision including being named one of the world’s Top 100 Cleantech Companies.

Powerit Solutions has received venture capital financing from Black Coral Capital.

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