Pika Energy

Securing a reliable supply of clean energy is the central challenge of our time. Pika envisions a future where the energy to power our lives is produced close to home by renewable sources and delivered through smart, scalable energy networks.

Westbrook, ME
Privately Held Company
Renewable Energy

Come help us change the world! Pika Energy seeks talented professionals with demonstrated interest and experience in developing, manufacturing, and selling clean energy technology. Pika has an energetic, fast-paced startup environment with varied working conditions, including some work outdoors. We’re located in beautiful coastal Maine near Portland, rated by Forbes as the most livable city in the US. For general career inquiries, please contact: careers@pika-energy.com .

About Pika
Pika believes that renewable energy will power the future, and we’re working to bring that future closer for homeowners and small businesses. Learn more about our approach – the REbus™ DC Microgrid — a smarter, safer, and simpler way to connect wind and solar energy to your home and the grid.

Pika’s vision is the result of years of experience designing, building, and using renewable energy. We are committed to making reliable, high-performance products that our customers will be proud to use and recommend.

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