Petra Solar

Petra Solar is a clean energy technology company that provides solar and smart grid solutions for utility, commercial and residential applications.

South Plainfield, NJ

Petra Solar's core technology is the SunWave™ UP Series, an integrated utility grade solar, smart grid, and power management solution primarily designed for deployment on utility distribution and streetlight poles. Petra Solar's SunWave™ UP Series systems mount quickly and safely to utility distribution and streetlight poles and deliver power directly to the grid. The systems consist of a high efficiency PV module and integral line voltage inverter with comprehensive communications capability and the ability to improve power quality and grid reliability through the injection of VARs and non linear power. Remote monitoring and control is achieved through an integrated communications network that creates an IP-based Smart Grid backbone when deployed in large scale.

SunWave™ is also suitable for commercial and residential rooftop installations. The modular architecture of SunWave™ and its interactive communication and monitoring platform provide significant benefits to our residential and commercial clients. End users in residential and commercial settings enjoy a safe and clean onsite solar power generation system. The modular nature of our system enables incremental investment in grid interactive solar systems as small as 200W.

The SunWave™ system is the result of over 16 years of research and development in power electronics and satellite grade solar power systems. The Petra Solar management team draws from a wide range of experience in solar, semiconductors, and utility industries enabling the organization to deliver all aspects of solar energy solutions from concept through asset management. The US Department of Energy recently recognized Petra Solar's unique technology with the Energy Innovator Award.

Petra Solar has received venture capital funding from Arsenal Venture Partners.

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