OnGreen is the world’s largest cleantech social marketplace.

Los Angeles, CA

OnGreen is the world’s largest cleantech social marketplace. Members from across the globe work together, connecting the best ideas in cleantech to funding and expertise, translating IP into ROI. With thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, and business and technology experts spanning 40 countries, it’s never been easier to connect with the people and resources needed to turn today’s energy and environmental challenges into business opportunities.

Investors: Deal Flow
The OnGreen Deal Marketplace offers a cumulative $2.0 billion in investment opportunity from innovative companies from across the globe. These deals span 256 cleantech sectors and range from small seed rounds to large expansion and project financing rounds. This truly global marketplace helps your deal flow team cast a wider net, and the advanced filtering tools help narrow the field to fit your unique investment criteria. This powerful combination can help increase deal pipeline efficiency and hit rate. In the due diligence phase, our collaboration tools let you tap into an extensive expert network to round out your diligence team and speed your decision time.

Entrepreneurs: Vision and Visibility
Investment teams look at hundreds, even thousands of businesses each year in their search for greatness. To stand out in the crowd, entrepreneurs need clarity of vision, a strong market opportunity, a defensible solution, and a great team. For those who want a bit of help perfecting their strategies, the Patent Exchange and Expert Community provide access to the key technologies and expertise needed. For those who have it all together, congrats! The Deal Marketplace and its filtering capabilities are ready to help get you visibility with the investors active in your segment of the market and focused on companies at your stage of development.

Inventors: Strength in Numbers
Hundreds of thousands of patents are filed each year, yet most remain underutilized and fail to return their full value to their owners. The OnGreen Patent Exchange and Expert Community each allow IP owners and inventors to collaborate with entrepreneurs and experts alike and turn their inventions into marketable products or services. By bringing thousands of potential collaborators to the table and exposing your intellectual property to a wider audience, OnGreen gives inventors like you the chance to realize the market potential of your IP.

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