Nuventix is an active thermal management solutions company.

Austin, TX
VC-Funded Company
Green Building

Nuventix is an active thermal management solutions company located in Austin, Texas. The Nuventix-developed SynJet® module is a newly patented synthetic jet cooling technology that utilizes turbulent pulses of air generated from an electromagnetic actuator.

Based on early success with computer cooling, Nuventix's innovative approach to LED cooling is propelling that market forward two years ahead of analyst estimates - truly affecting the industry and allowing general illumination designs to harvest the efficiencies of the LED.

Synthetic jet technology using Nuventix's patented methods means revolutionary thermal solutions that are applicable to a wide variety of industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive and industrial. Businesses and consumers are demanding more computing power and higher LED lumen output packaged into smaller spaces.

Nuventix customers will have more flexibility in product design, thus increasing their value and differentiation in the marketplace.

Nuventix has received venture capital funding from Braemar Energy Ventures, and Advanced Technology Ventures, and is one of the 10 winners of General Electric's Ecomagination Home Challenge.

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