NovaTorque is an exciting venture-funded, high-growth electric motor company in Sunnyvale that has invented an electric motor with high efficiency and performance.

Sunnyvale, CA
VC-Funded Company

News and Stories:
Electric Vehicles: Huge Potential for Venture Capital and Green Jobs. Dec 6, 2012.

NovaTorque, Inc., organized in 2005, is focused on the design, development and production of more efficient, better performing electric motors. The basis of NovaTorque’s technology grew from a desire to significantly increase electric motor efficiency and performance. Dramatically improved magnetic modeling software tools made it possible for the NovaTorque design team to achieve their objectives.

NovaTorque’s new technology can scale from 0.25 HP (200W) to greater than 100 HP (75 kW). The motors are DC brushless motors (also categorized as Electronically Commutated or Permanent Magnet motors) and run with standard motor drive electronics.

NovaTorque is a NEA portfolio company, and a Birchmere Ventures portfolio company.

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