Nexterra Systems Corp.

Nexterra is a leading supplier of biomass gasification systems that generate heat and power for institutional and industrial customers.

Vancouver, BC

Nexterra develops, manufactures and delivers advanced gasification systems that enable customers to self-generate clean, low cost heat and power at industrial and institutional facilities using waste fuels. In an era of higher energy prices, this means dramatically lower costs, higher operating margins and less reliance on fossil fuels and grid-purchased electricity. Furthermore, by using renewable biomass fuels such as wood waste, customers can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

Nexterra gasification systems are based on a new generation of gasification technology that provides a unique combination of attributes including lower costs, design simplicity, reliability, versatility, fully automated control systems and ultra-low emissions compared to conventional combustion equipment. These attributes make our technology ideally suited for "inside-the fence" thermal and cogeneration applications at industrial and institutional facilities. The typical scale of energy systems is up to 100 MMBtu/hr net useable heat for thermal systems or up to 10 MW electricity for cogeneration systems.

Nexterra's mission is to increase the profitability of our customers by delivering reliable, cost-competitive, clean energy solutions that maximize savings. Our business is to develop, design, supply, install and service turnkey gasification systems that integrate seamlessly with our customers’ operations.

Nexterra has proven gasification solutions available for the Forest Industry, Institutional and Power Generation markets where locally sourced wood waste can be converted into useable energy at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels or grid-purchased electricity. Nexterra has a dedicated product development program which is developing new applications that will continue to increase the value of the customer’s wood waste.

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