NextEra Energy

Juno Beach, FL

NextEra Energy Resources is in the competitive energy business. We develop, construct and operate power plants to produce electricity. We market NextEra electricity to wholesale customers and develop the critical infrastructure for power delivery. We also market a variety of NextEra Energy energy-related products and services to customers across the country. Equally important, we are dedicated to NextEra Energy quality, and we care about the communities where we have NextEra Energy facilities.

Environmental leadership
Many companies claim to be leaders in clean and renewable energy. For at least two decades, our actions have spoken louder than our words. NextEra Energy Resources has been steadily building a portfolio of clean energy, even before public concern about climate change had grown. Today, we are the largest renewable energy provider in North America.

NextEra Energy Resources believes that it's important to operate its business in harmony with the environment.

Project Siting and Development
* Identifying potential environmental impacts
* Taking actions to reduce any effects
* Working with federal, state and local environmental organizations

* Seeking to have the smallest footprint on the land and other resources
* Working closely with community organizations, landowners and residents

* Managing water wisely as a valued natural resource
* Protecting air quality
* Ensuring land conservation
* Minimizing impacts on wildlife near our facilities
* Properly disposing of materials required for company operation

NextEra is an FPL Group company.

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