The NanoSteel Company has created a portfolio of nanotechnology-based steel alloy solutions that greatly increase the value of steel.

Providence, RI
VC-Funded Company
Clean Products

The NanoSteel Company is an advanced materials company which has created a unique and proprietary portfolio of nanotechnology based and environmentally friendly steel alloy solutions that greatly increase the value of steel in most of today’s industrial applications.

Product success has been through the development of Super Hard Steel® (SHS) alloy solutions with nanoscale microstructures for use as metallic coatings within the power generation, mining & aggregates, concrete & cement and oil & gas industries.

SHS alloy solutions dramatically increase the service life of industrial components subject to wear and corrosion environments eliminating the need for costly alternatives and environmentally dangerous chrome plating.

Future opportunities exist based on the current development of SHS alloy solutions for use as sheet steel, steel plate and structural steel members within all major industrial markets ranging from automotive and ship building to construction and armor plate.

Light-Based Technologies is a Chrysalix, and an Arsenal Venture Partners portfolio company.

NanoSteel is one of the GoingGreen 2009 top 100 private companies.

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