Leyden Energy

Leyden Energy is a manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries for the consumer electronics, energy storage and electric vehicle markets.

Fremont, CA
VC-Funded Company
Energy Storage

At Leyden Energy we work to simultaneously deliver higher energy density, longer cycle and calendar life over a wider temperature range to the applications people rely on most. Whether it is to power mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, laptops, electric vehicles or network power backup, Leyden Energy's Li-imide-based products ensure long lasting, durable power sources so that your customers can work, play and move safely and efficiently.

The Leyden Energy portfolio is designed using a cutting-edge, patented lithium imide electrolyte chemistry combined with proven, tested manufacturing processes to ensure optimal performance even in the harshest conditions. Designed to withstand the severe environment conditions brought on by solar power generation or EV driving performance, Leyden Energy's products provide the unique benefit of higher energy density over a higher charging and operating temperature range, resulting in an exceptionally long lasting battery in life's most demanding conditions - the ideal power solution for today's mobile device designs. Because the chemical makeup of the battery ensures no reaction will occur in the presence of moisture, applications utilizing Leyden Energy's power solutions will be fueled by a safer and more dependable power source.

Leyden Energy is a NEA portfolio company.

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