KR Wind

Dallas, TX

Specialist in installation of wind turbines

KR Wind is an international crane company that specializes in the installation of wind turbines. We have erected more than 6000 wind turbines in all corners of the globe and possess both the expertise and capacity to deal with any task.

Unified strengths for global results
KR Wind functions as a joint venture company established in 2002 and we offer turnkey solutions ranging from transportation over lifting to installation.

Our core competence consists of a mobile special unit of hand-picked employees, all with specialist knowledge from the wind turbine industry. In terms of cranes, we have one of Scandinavia’s most powerful fleet of cranes, and with the full back-up of Mammoet’s organisation and fleet of cranes, our capacity is in fact even greater. We typically have 200 personnel involved in active projects throughout the world at any time.

The customer’s partner worldwide
KR Wind has its offices in Denmark, the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. We cover the rest of the world via Mammoet’s approximately 60 branch offices distributed all over the world. With a strong presence on the global market, we are ideally geared to offering our customers professional and competitive solutions – both globally and locally.

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