Joule Unlimited

Joule Unlimiteduses advanced bioscience and robust, scalable systems to produce liquid fuel to make energy independence a reality. Joule Biotechnologies was one of the GoingGreen 2009 top 100 private companies.

Cambridge, MA
VC-Funded Company

Joule is the answer to affordable, renewable fuel, bringing meaningful innovation to an industry long hindered by incremental progress. Our mission is nothing short of world-changing – using advanced bioscience and robust, scalable systems capable of producing liquid fuel on a scale, and at a cost, to make energy independence a reality.

Joule has identified and is systematically tackling the roadblocks standing in the path of a game-winning alternative to fossil fuels. Biofuel models, even the newer biomass-derived cellulosic and algal approaches, have known limitations, requiring high-cost production (such as harvesting) and large amounts of water, agricultural land and feedstock. The path to energy independence requires an integrated solution, not just piecemeal applications. It requires highly-efficient process engineering, minimal use of natural resources, a system that scales to meet massive demand, and pricing at or below that of fossil fuels.

At the heart of our system is Helioculture™ technology – a revolutionary process based on highly-engineered organisms that harness sunlight and convert CO2 directly into Joule™ liquid energy. This transformative process yields ready-to-use product without the time-consuming steps that plague biomass-derived renewable fuel approaches. Our modular SolarConverter™ system manages the end-to-end bioprocessing and initial product separation in a seamless, replicable fashion that we believe will meet or eclipse the productivity levels of any renewable fuel alternative - all while using just minimal non-agricultural land and no fresh water.

Joule™ liquid energy will meet today’s vehicle fuel specifications and infrastructure, and is on target for widespread production at the energy equivalent of less than $50 per barrel for diesel and less than $81 per barrel for ethanol.

Founded in 2007 by Flagship Ventures, Joule is privately held and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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