GaN Systems

GaN Systems is introducing a range of Gallium Nitride high power switching diodes and transistors for cleantech power conversion applications.

Ottawa, Canada
VC-Funded Company
Clean Products

As silicon reaches its limits – in speed, temperature, and power handling ability – gallium nitride (GaN) has the potential to provide the next generation of semiconductor solutions.

In the search for solutions to the challenges facing the world today, new critical cleantech applications need the capabilities of GaN. Making hybrid and all-electric vehicles cost-effective, controlling the flow of new sources of energy into and out of our power grids, managing lithium batteries; these are all challenges that GaN Systems’ products will address.

Backed by ten years of research, GaN Systems will bring to market a range of low-loss devices with specific applicability to these new markets.

Light-Based Technologies received venture funding from Chrysalix and Rockport Capital.

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