Fulcrum BioEnergy

Fulcrum BioEnergy is emerging as a leading company in the development of the next-generation of ethanol production in the United States.

Pleasanton, CA

News and Stories: Fulcrum BioEnergy creates 500 Green Jobs in Nevada. January 27, 2011.

Between an industry-leading management team, a board comprised of the finest thinkers in energy production and key strategic partners, Fulcrum BioEnergy has the foundation it needs to make intelligent biofuel a reality. We are a privately held company with a mission to create a clean, low-cost and sustainable source of domestic transportation fuel.

Unlike existing production methods for corn and other feedstocks, our approach relies on an abundant and renewable feedstock: municipal solid waste. Using a proven thermochemical process to convert municipal solid waste into ethanol, Fulcrum is leading the next generation of ethanol production.

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