Firefly Energy

Firefly Energy develops and markets breakthrough technology that takes batteries to new levels of performance.

Peoria, IL
VC-Funded Company
Energy Storage

Firefly Energy was founded in 2003 to develop and market breakthrough technology that takes batteries to new levels of performance. The MicrocellTM foam grid technology developed by Firefly can be incorporated into existing lead acid manufacturing without requiring major investment in new equipment and processes.

By incorporating the MicrocellTM technology developed by Firefly, batteries can achieve previously unheard of levels of performance and reliability. The technology is truly revolutionary in that it breaks through long-standing barriers of conventional battery performance with new levels of power, capacity, and life at lower cost and lighter weight.

Firefly’s business model is based on an efficient direct sales linkage, as a technology supplier, to strategic partners and OEMs for the manufacturing and distribution of the technology into all of the existing major lead acid battery segments. Furthermore, the potential of this technology is such that, with its implementation, it will enable relatively inexpensive batteries to penetrate new markets once thought to be the exclusive domain of much more costly battery types.

Firefly is a NEA portfolio company.

Firefly Energy is one of the GoingGreen 2009 top 100 private companies.

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