Epuramat is a cleantech company based in Luxembourg, and is a supplier of efficient stationary and mobile wastewater treatment systems. Epuramat is one of the GoingGreen 2009 top 100 private companies.

Water Treatment

Epuramat S.A. is a Cleantech Company based in Luxembourg, and is a supplier of efficient stationary and mobile wastewater treatment systems. The core component of all Epuramat treatment systems is the Extreme Separator (ExSep), an efficient primary treatment plant module. The ExSep makes it possible to almost completely separate solid matter from different types of wastewater, setting Epuramat well apart from other treatment system suppliers. Areas of application for Epuramat treatment system range from processing 600 m³ of wastewater per hour in industry and a population equivalent value of 200 to over 100,000 in local communities.

No product is so taken for granted on a daily basis and with such lack of thought as water. However, this commodity, which is so readily available, is becoming more and more expensive. The Earth’s reserves of drinking water are decreasing, and environmental pollution is on the increase. Nevertheless, water provision remains a basic prerequisite for living together in a civilized community. The processing of used water plays an increasingly important role in this respect. Purifying and processing it into drinking water are future requirements that can only be met with the latest technology. The Box4Water is a feat of engineering within a very small space that is designed to meet this very need.

Traditional treatment plants have large sedimentation tanks that take up a lot of space, and they cannot be extended to greater capacity without taking up yet more space. The Box4Water is based on space-saving technology, and purifies wastewater to a level of almost 100%.

Following the initial analyses of wastewater samples taken at the premises of a Spanish mechanical wood pulp producer, our project team is now on site conducting tests with the Box4Water. Based near Bilbao on the North Atlantic coast of Spain, the Company produces around 100,000t of raw and bleached mechanical wood pulp per year. Consequently, large volumes of water are required for the production process, and this is mainly drawn from the local river. The Company’s annual water treatment costs for the flocculation agents and chemicals alone required for the current purification process reach an estimated figure of €360,000.

The Box4Water, which can be constructed in a small area in the production hall, enables the purified water to be recycled around the production process and to be circulated. This saves on large volumes of fresh water and the associated costs for flocculation agents, chemicals and wastewater taxes.

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