EoPlex produces components using innovative deposition techniques based on custom printing equipment and proprietary "inks".

Redwood City, CA
VC-Funded Company
Clean Products

EoPlex Technologies, Inc. is the creator of a new low cost process that is used to manufacture green products. EoPlex produces components using innovative deposition techniques based on custom printing equipment and proprietary "inks" that carry ceramic, metallic or polymer materials to millions of locations. This allows the manufacture of components with integrated chambers, channels, dielectrics, sensors, circuits, reactors, energy scavengers and other features. Many parts are created simultaneously in large panels and at low cost. A further advantage of the process is that it is additive and, as a result, is very environmentally friendly.

The company is currently using this technology to manufacture miniature antennas like those used in cell phones, GPS devices and other portable devices. The second product that will be launched in 2010 is a new semiconductor packaging micro-lead frame that will be able to offer better performance and lower cost in many portable devices. EoPlex is a privately held company based in Redwood City, CA and is backed by ATA Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Labrador Ventures and Draper-Richards.

The EoPlex technology is unique in the clean tech space, since both the process and the products that are produced with it contribute to a greener environment. The technology is a new clean additive process that uses proprietary deposition techniques and materials to produce ceramic-metal or metal-polymer components, such as cell phone antennas and micro semiconductor packages. The EoPlex process can replace many older processes, such as etching and plating, that require toxic chemicals or processes, such as machining, that generate fine particle wastes. The EoPlex process also allows new design freedoms and advancements that were not available before Ð all at very low cost. In addition to the process being clean, some of the products the company has demonstrated, such as fuel cell parts and energy harvesters, enable small form-factor, alternative energy sources. The company currently has a factory in Redwood City, California that will have the capacity of producing millions of antennas and IC packages per month.

Eoplex is one of the GoingGreen 2009 top 100 private companies.

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