EnergyHub, Inc. develops software and hardware solutions that help consumers and utilities reduce energy consumption and save money.

Brooklyn, NY
Privately Held Company
Smart Grid

We’re on a mission to find innovative solutions to today’s energy and environmental problems. EnergyHub is a venture-backed startup developing systems that reduce home energy consumption and save consumers money. We empower consumers with in-home tools to identify, and rein-in, the energy hogs in the home. Our secure online options let users control energy use from anywhere they can jump on the web. After all, this is the future, right?

While people interact with user-friendly tools and software, behind the scenes is a powerful system we’ve developed called the EnergyHub Data Exchange (EDX). It’s the brains of our operation and can be adapted easily to work with utilities to enable the grid to work smarter. Whether it’s by providing detailed energy use information, supporting peak power reduction programs, or by facilitating better communication with customers, EnergyHub’s EDX is built to help power a new generation of consumer-centric energy system deployments.

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