Energetx Composites

Energetx Composites is an innovative provider of manufacturing solutions for composite fabrication.

Holland, MI

Energetx Composites is an innovative provider of manufacturing solutions for composite fabrication including engineering, design, tooling, process development, technology and manufacturing assembly.

Legacy of Innovation
Leon Slikkers and his family have a long history of composite innovation. He was one of the first pioneers in the marine industry to experiment with epoxies and glass composites in 1957. He quickly lead his company to make the total transition from wood to composites by 1959.

Twenty years after using composite technology, we start using some of the new advance formula resins that were more manufacturing friendly, Ashland’s AME 4000 was one of those early blended resins that had similar handling characteristics to polyester but the physical properties of epoxy. By the mid ‘90’s we migrated to mutli-piece molds using two part epoxy resins in open mold wet bag with balsa core. The desire to push the manufacturing efficiencies started our journey into the closed molding production by 2001.

Closed Molding
After a year of testing, investigation and careful consideration, we made the corporate decision to make the closed molding part of core manufacturing process in 2002 for several reasons. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond our products, it extends to our employees, their safety, and their work environment. We eagerly embrace our stewardship responsibilities to protect our environment and the communities that we work and live. In addition to the environmental benefits there are plenty of practical benefits to our decision; increase productivity, improved laminate performance, improved cosmetics plus higher quality equates to strong customer satisfaction.

Energetx Composites was officially launched in July 2008. Today the second and third generations of the Slikkers family carries on the tradition of innovation.
Launched in the summer of 2008, Energetx Composites provides you the perfect platform for delivering the correct solution to your composite manufacturing needs

Energetx Composites is recruiting engineering professionals in tooling, advance composite design, manufacturing, quality systems, and sales engineering.

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