Eight19 is developing Printed Plastic Solar Technology to deliver flexible, lightweight, robust and low cost solar cells that can be readily integrated into a wide variety of applications.

Cambridge, England

News and Stories: /Solar begins to approach grid parity. April 29, 2011.

It takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for light to reach the earth from the sun.

Eight19’s mission is to develop the technology and manufacturing processes that will bring solar power to a new generation of users, transforming lives and accelerating economic development.

Eight19 was formed in 2010 as a spin-out from the world renowned Cambridge University in the UK to bring to commercial reality the work developed at the university in plastic solar technologies. The company is focused on the device designs and printing processes that enable solar cells to be made “roll to roll” to create environmentally friendly, low cost, flexible plastic solar modules for high volume markets.

Using solution-based organic chemistry and room temperature printing techniques, printed plastic solar cells can be made on a continuous flexible thin film in a non-stop process. This process has the ability to run at high speed, similar to machines printing newspapers, reducing the manufacturing costs of solar cells to a fraction of existing technologies while correspondingly increasing the volume output.

While solar power is well known for large-scale deployments connected to the electrical grid, a new breed of high volume applications is emerging for self-powered consumer products. The flexibility, low weight, robustness and ease of manufacture of printed plastic solar cells makes them ideal for these applications.

Eight19 is headquartered in Cambridge, England and investors include the Carbon Trust, Rhodia SA, TTP Ltd and the University of Cambridge.

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