Edeniq is a biomaterials and sustainable fuels company converting non-food plant materials into low cost cellulosic sugars.

Visalia, CA
VC-Funded Company

Our name, EdeniQ, says a great deal about our mission. EdeniQ is an intentional misspelling of Edenic an adjective meaning "of or pertaining to the Garden of Eden." The "IQ" ending of EdeniQ connotes intelligence. Together Eden + IQ expresses our profound desire to engage in the wise use of all that nature provides.

Most of the energy plants store is not in their seeds, fruits, or tubers. Most of the energy they store is in their actual structure, the so-called lignocellulosic parts of the plant. These stiffer, woodier parts of plants, though rich in complex sugars, are not easily broken down into useable energy. Yet, we all know that, given enough time, even the mightiest oak decays; there are animals, plants, bacteria, and fungi that make their livings of off cellulose. In nature, nothing is wasted.

Harnessing natural processes that breakdown complex lignocellulosic materials into simpler sugars that can be fermented or otherwise crafted into fuels is just one area where EdeniQ's team has made significant breakthroughs. Read more about our cellulosic biofuel solutions.

EdeniQ's first commercially available technologies, launched in February of 2009, use a combination of mechanical and biological processes to increase ethanol yields from corn by over 10%. By squeezing more energy out of less corn, the Corn3 Yield Enhancement Program not only adds 10's of millions of dollars to producers' bottom-lines, but also decreases corn ethanol's environmental footprint, as well as reducing its effect on prices at the supermarket. Learn more about Corn3.

EdeniQ plans to launch a similar yield enhancement regimen for sugar cane by summer of 2009.

At EdeniQ, our name – our mission – compels us to think about every aspect of producing energy from biomass: from water use to waste streams; from energy use to land use; from the producers' profits to the impacts on local communities, EdeniQ is wholly committed to sustainable solutions. By carefully emulating nature, EdeniQ knows that remarkable things happen: processes become cyclical, adaptable, and efficient. Costs actually decrease. To thrive in the 21st century it is clear that nations, companies, shareholders and citizens alike must embrace the awesome, ancient lessons of our living world. EdeniQ does exactly that.

Edeniq is backed by the Angeleno Group, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, I2BF, Kleiner Perkins, and The Westly Group, among others.

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