ecoAmerica is a non-profit that uses consumer research and strategic partnerships to create large-scale engagement programs that build awareness, understanding and action for climate and environmental solutions among mainstream Americans.

Washington, DC

News & Stories:
California Solar Jobs to Increase 72% by 2015 - Education Critically Needed. Feb. 23, 2012.
Community Colleges Unite to Train Students for Green Jobs. October 11, 2010.


ecoAmerica is dedicated to supporting the environmental movement and growing the base of public support for environment and climate solutions among mainstream Americans.


ecoAmerica harnesses the tools of consumer marketing to engage Americans in actively caring for nature and our earth. We "start with people" using psychographic research to identify receptive audiences. We share our research broadly to inform and inspire the movement to focus effectively on building public and leadership support for environmental and climate initiatives, and then we develop and launch behavior-changing programs that make solutions personally relevant for Americans.


Our programs catalyze permanent, measurable results in targeted groups of 10 million or more mainstream Americans. Our business model has a track record of proven success for the environment, our cross-sector partners, and for Americans.

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