Draths Corporation

Draths Corporation is manufacturing biobased materials used in everyday products.

Lansing, MI
VC-Funded Company
Clean Products

Draths Corporation is building a next generation chemical company focused on manufacturing biobased materials used in everyday products. The company’s products, rooted in its platform technology, enable nylons, plastics, paints, resins, and other materials currently made using petroleum-based chemicals to be manufactured from renewable feedstocks. This breakthrough is accomplished through environmentally friendly and economical processes, allowing reduced carbon footprints without absorbing the higher costs generally associated with renewable initiatives.

Draths’ technology enables the biobased production of known intermediates to existing materials currently made from petroleum, so there are no additional efforts, no extension of normal qualification cycles, and no supply chain education necessary that can make adoption of biobased materials a multi-year process. Draths also has pathways to novel, high performance materials that represent a second stage evolution of its proprietary technology.

Draths technology platform covers the entire benzene value chain, enabling it to manufacture products that are identical to intermediates used to make nylons, resins, and a host of other materials. Draths is unique in this capability and is different from companies that are manufacturing biofuels or targeting other parts of the carbon-based chemical value chain (e.g., C-2, C-3 materials).

Draths is a Khosla Ventures portfolio company, and a CMEA Capital portfolio company.

Draths Corporation is one of the GoingGreen 2009 top 100 private companies.

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