Cymbet is the leader in solid state energy storage and energy harvesting power management solutions.

Elk River, MN
Privately Held Company
Energy Storage

News and Stories: Green Battery Maker to Scale up Production, Hire 100 in Texas. December 15, 2010.

Cymbet™ Corporation is a privately held technology company that designs and manufactures rechargeable solid state energy storage devices for semiconductor, sensor, medical and related electronic applications. The company has developed the unique PowerFab™ process to manufacture the Cymbet EnerChip™ rechargeable solid state energy device in high volumes. Cymbet was founded in 2000 and is located in Elk River, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis – St. Paul. Cymbet is funded by key strategic investors such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Dow Chemical, Bekaert and others.

Cymbet also provides advanced ultra low power management solutions that are combined with EnerChip energy storage devices to create drop in power back-up and Energy Harvesting solutions. The EnerChip CC has an integrated power management ASIC copackaged with either a 12 uAh EnerChip (CBC3112-D7C) or a 50 uAh EnerChip (CBC3150-D9C). Cymbet also recently introduced the EnerChip Energy Processor CBC915-ACA which is an optimized single chip solution for universal energy harvesting applications using EnerChips.

The EnerChip product family provides easy power device incorporation, low profile, high reliability, and cost effectiveness. Cymbet currently has an extensive patent portfolio of granted/applied patents covering the design, manufacture and materials relating to its battery technology.

EnerChip devices can be co-packaged with other semiconductor integrated circuits in a single package or delivered as an SMT component. The EnerChip can provide a few days to a few weeks of battery backup power where non-volatility is important or primary power for sensors, active tags and medical applications. With innovations not previously available, the Cymbet EnerChip™ provides an extremely small footprint, high energy density, rechargeability, high-speed surface-mount assembly and solder re-flow tolerance . The Cymbet EnerChip technology and PowerFab manufacturing process are scalable to higher energy devices and alternate materials.

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